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Quality control measures of installation of pumps and motor parts
Release date:[2014-08-05 17:24:30]

Quality control measures of main component installation
(1) the impeller chamber installation quality control
  The water pump impeller chamber is installed base, an impeller chamber installed by pre survey design unit center line of good and Gao Cheng as a benchmark, installation using the "piano line - Headset method" accurate measurement, to ensure the pump axis meets the design requirements. In the impeller chamber is installed and fixed firmly to the impeller chamber center as the datum will pump installation of the actual center line locked in the machine pit, water pump and motor section of the lock, lock at least 8 points per layer.
(2) the impeller, pump shaft and impeller body installation quality control
  Assembly of A. impeller, pump shaft and impeller body in the installation, the whole hanging into the machine pit installation, special tool assembly by the manufacturer to provide the pump shaft and the impeller is fixed on the guide vane body, the need for repeated adjustments to ensure that the pump shaft and the guide vane gap uniformity, pump shaft and impeller body flange vertical.
  B. impeller, pump shaft and impeller body mounted to the impeller chamber center as the datum, impeller, pump shaft and adjustment of the impeller and the impeller chamber conductor uniform gap, and to use the unit center check pump shaft center is locked in the water layer, by adjusting the guide vane body to ensure the verticality of the pump shaft, the impeller center elevation during installation cannot be measured directly, through the calculation of converting the impeller center height is pump flange height, as measured by the pump shaft flange height to control the impeller center height.
(3), the stator frame installation quality control
  The lower machine frame and the motor is fixed to lock in electric layer pump group center as the reference, using the "piano line - Headset method" to ensure accurate measurement, motor and pump coaxial. Elevation is the key to control the pump stator rotating part elevation, although on the frame and the stator are generally set adjusting shim, but the adjustment range is limited, therefore should be installed to lock in the motor layer height as a benchmark in the stator, the strict control of the stator core center height, while ensuring that the set and an upper frame to the elevation and levelness.
(4) the rotor of the motor installation quality control
  Fixed, gap between the smaller rotor, rotor lifting should be closely monitored to prevent the rotor and fixed together, generally in the rotor lifting the rotor is arranged between the 12~16 root gap, thin strips of wood, the hoisting process with wood, fixed, to prevent rotor collide.
  The rotor lifting is connected with the pump shaft, the adjustment should be carried out in the axis regulation.
(5) axis adjustment
  Axis static adjustment should take into full consideration the impeller clearance, air gap, the seal clearance and the bearing clearance, by adjusting the rotating part is placed in the best location, and then turning checks, barring detection records if does not meet the requirements, comprehensive analysis should be made, find no cause of unqualified, and formulate corresponding measures to adjustment.