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Service market into focus pumps of the enterprise for market
Release date:[2014-08-05 17:24:30]

  ”The related report, in 2005 the market to achieve revenue of $8730000000, and that figure is expected to reach $12080000000 in 2012. Frost&Sullivan research analyst DushyantMehra said: "the key success factors of manufacturers to provide one-stop shops for end users all services and solutions, such as on-site assistance, repair and spare parts. This trend is becoming more and more popular, because the terminal user to ensure appropriate equipment application and work at the same time, may obtain information with minimal risk."
  Provide solutions to meet user needs can greatly increase the demand for water pump. Water treatment plant upgrading old and emerging economies in the new construction project also can greatly increase the demand for water pump. On the pump manufacturers, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region in particular seem has great potential, because the economy of these areas is growing strong and in water supply and drainage engineering will be a corresponding increase in.
  Other possible pump demand growth factors including energy saving function of water pump, and a longer service life and control flow. However, the manufacturer only a substantial enhancement effect to pump to enjoy the benefits of energy saving. This is a big challenge for manufacturers, especially for the management of energy consumption by 2007 in 2006 may be more strictly after.
  ”Mehra said: "in order to maintain the competitive ability and can offer lower prices of products and services, pump manufacturers to maximize reduce management cost and production cost. At present, the energy loss is as high as 70%, which requires manufacturers to increase product efficacy to solve this problem."