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Pipeline sewage pump mechanical seal the correct installation method
Release date:[2014-08-05 17:24:30]

  A pipeline sewage pump, ensure parts quality
  Pipeline sewage pump mechanical seal sealing performance test shall be done in the factory, and has the certificate. Mechanical seal after long term operation, the moving ring and the static ring wear, corrosion and wear, spring and shaft sealing ring wear, aging, deformation, can cause the leakage of seal, must be repaired or replaced with new parts. Dynamic ring and the static ring sealing surface shall not have cracks, off angle, scratches, pits, flash and partial grinding, the sealing surface scratches, pits cannot run through. If the dynamic and static ring using repair, dynamic and static ring lug height and not less than 3mm, and the single lug height of not less than LMM, so as not to affect the heat. Dynamic ring after installation should ensure that can move flexibly in the shaft, a moving ring pressure to the spring can be freely bounce, maintain the dynamic and static ring perpendicular and parallel. The dynamic and static ring sealing gasket specifications conform to the drawing, surface shall not be damaged, uneven thickness and uneven phenomenon, the sealing ring to replace the overhaul. The outer surface of clean spring no rust, before use should be conducted to length profile detection and pressure test, each group of spring compressed length within the prescribed pressure difference shall conform to the requirements, the pressure error each spring compression length within the prescribed requirements. Free length error is less than 0.5mm, the amount of compression is not too small, error ± 2mm. sealing sleeve and the pump shaft can''t use the same material, parallelism allows both sides difference and the axis of the non perpendicularity tolerance of less than ± 0.20mm.
Two, the pipeline sewage pump to ensure full cooling and lubrication
  Adjust the cooling pipeline valve opening, to ensure that the mechanical seal cooling pipeline patency, tank pump open drain valve to drain the gas seal cavity.
Three, to ensure the installation precision of pipeline sewage pump
  Disassembly pump mechanical seal, dynamic and static ring to clean, and apply a small amount of lubricating oil cleaning in the friction surface, to both high and low-voltage terminals, no bump. Stationary ring gland installation when the force should be uniform, to prevent the pressure deviation, check with the feeler, above and below the position deviation of not more than 0.05mm; the clearance inspection cover and the shaft diameter, around to evenly, the allowable deviation of not more than the installation of pump mechanical seal parts of 0.1ram. pump shaft radial runout of not more than 0.05mm. and pump cover and a sealing end cover, to seriously review the installation dimensions of mechanical seal, if the location size does not meet the requirements, can be in sleeve steel pad adjustment, but the steel pad thickness accuracy, no more than the measurement of mechanical 0.01mm. radial sealing sleeve and the sealing surface of the beating of the end face runout requirements.
  The operation of mechanical seal, and the sealing gland loose move to happen, then the dynamic and static ring parts must be replaced, absolutely should not be re tightened to continue to use. Because in such a loose, friction original trajectory will change, it is easy to damage the sealing performance of contact surface.
  Four, adjust the face pressure pipeline sewage pump
  Surface pressure ratio is an important parameter of the sealing performance and service life, it with the structure, seal spring size and medium pressure. Face pressure too big and bad friction pair is easy to leak; pressure is too small, often by the manufacturers given a suitable range, face pressure from the compressed size of 3 ~ 6kg / cm2. adjustment is to adjust the spring pressure. Free spring length A, spring stiffness of load bearing unit when the compression is k, the requirements of the pressure ratio with P said, these are the parameters given by the manufacturer. The compressed size B, P / A-13=k, 13=A-e / K is obtained, which is a spring mounted compressed size. If the spring after the installation of the size is too large, can increase the adjustment pad thickness between the spring seat and a spring, small size decreased by adjusting the thickness, adjusting pad thickness micrometer for measuring.