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The water pump, oil pump industry to actively adjust the opening a new journey
Release date:[2014-08-05 17:24:30]

  With the promotion of energy-saving emission reduction standards, the requirements of lightweight components modular, more and more high, water pump, oil pump as a part of internal combustion engine, the enterprise also began to ascend in technology development, production technology, enterprise management and other aspects, in order to synchronized with the enterprise development of internal combustion engine.

  Recently, Chinese internal combustion engine industry association cooling water pump, oil pump branch in 2014 working conference held in Beijing, the meeting industry experts and the water pump, oil pump enterprises responsible person on these issues are discussed. Chinese internal combustion engine industry association cooling water pump, oil pump, water pump oil pump in 2014 working conference of technical innovation.

  Internal combustion engine energy conservation today, more in need of internal combustion engine and related components technology and quality improvement.

  The society of automotive engineering Chinese director Fu Yuwu introduced, along with the development of intelligent, energy-saving emission reduction, the automobile industry will be doomed was overturned. Lightweight and module is the development trend of the future automobile industry, lightweight materials such as aluminum, advanced composite materials, carbon fiber materials will be widely used in the automotive field. "Before 2050, the electric drive still can not completely replace the internal combustion engine driven, in the meantime, water pump, oil pump will also face the lightweight, modular development challenges." Fu Yuwu said.

  Fu Yuwu think, how to meet the collision safety standards, with the engine designs are smaller, lighter, cheaper products, are also facing the water pump, oil pump business issues.

  However, to enhance the quality of internal combustion engine, is not only a technical problem, but the process and quality problem, this also requires internal combustion engine parts related to product quality continuous improvement.

  China Association of automobile engine branch secretary Xing Min introduction, although the internal combustion engine processing issues are rarely discussed, but in the country, some products designed, but because of the backward production technology can not be put into production. Even if can put into small batch production, product consistency highlighted immediately. The enterprise product design, processing, equipment procurement, online monitoring, enterprise product quality to enhance face a series of problems.

  Enhance efficiency must be automated production

  Combining the benefit and efficiency, is the route one must take the healthy development of the enterprise, and the automatic production efficiency is the route one must take.

  Zhuhai Gree electric Limited by Share Ltd chairman Dong Mingzhu said in an interview, enterprises in three years will lose 30000 people. "Artificial efficiency is too low!" The meeting, Xixia automobile water pump Limited by Share Ltd of Henan province (hereinafter referred to as the "West pump shares") general manager Sun Yaozhong sigh.

  Sun Yaozhong introduced, the human cost of the more pressure for every enterprise more, this is every enterprise can not escape the problem. "Don''t pay up, enterprises are unable to retain talent. Labor costs more and more high, is also detrimental to the long-term development of enterprises, automation is the inevitable choice for enterprise development." Sun Yaozhong said.

  Prompted Sun Yaozhong to have this idea, in addition to their own face pressure and two external recruitment. It is reported, a Turkey water pump manufacturing enterprises not only to the West pump company delivery, still produces pumps market. The high degree of automation, a big room, a person can be fully operational, this let him deeply. While visiting Xichuan shock absorber factory bought from Italy enterprises the full automation of the shock absorber assembly line, he firmly go automatic route determination. Therefore, West pump shares have to tender, the construction of full automatic production line.

Price war is not good business

  At present, the host plant to keep the prices down, year after year labor cost and raw material cost rise, industry competition is more intense. How to keep healthy development in the fierce competition, and to better compete with the Multi-National Corporation is still the focus of enterprises.

  Fu Yuwu thinks, automobile parts enterprises want to become stronger and bigger, enterprises should make coordinated development, including the university industry collaborative innovation, University, and research institutions to jointly develop new products; at the same time, the government and industry organizations should play the leading role of innovation. "Enterprises should develop, develop health industry regulations, not blindly bloody price war." Sun Yaozhong said, "India, Turkey and other countries the human cost is low, water pump, oil pump prices are slightly lower compared with china. Now they have to enter the domestic market. The low price competition, war is not good business, all the people will have no profit." Because of the low price competition, in recent years, China pump exported to Germany after sale market price continues to decline, in recent years also has been unable to raise.

  In fact, industry self-regulation involves the issue of intellectual property protection. Some enterprises in the product on the other manufacturers brand sales, so that other companies are no longer dare to research funding for research and development. Sun Yaozhong example, previously, safety performance is a very small problem affect the single cylinder engine, but due to intellectual property issues, nobody has been willing to come forward to solve. Only to urge the industry respect intellectual property rights, in order to make the intellectual property rights are effectively protected, to create better development environment for enterprises.