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Agricultural pumps will usher in a new round of sales season
Release date:[2014-08-07 13:00:31]

  In July 20th, the Ministry of agriculture emergency deployment of current flood control and drought relief work, called on all localities to strengthen the flood duty, completes the disaster scheduling, to heavy disaster area to take down the pack, to guide the local to the disaster prevention. The current critical period when the flood and drought, is also an important period for grain growth, one of the agricultural machinery agricultural drought pump as necessary, will usher in a new round of sales season.
  In: reportedly, since 2009 formally included in the agricultural subsidies declaration catalogue, agricultural pump industry began to enter a period of rapid growth. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state plans to invest 4 yuan for the construction of water conservancy project, which is focus on the construction of farmland water conservancy facilities. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry jointly announced the first batch of promotion directory transformer, fan, centrifugal pump, compressor and other four kinds of energy-saving products. Analysis of the industry think, currently on the market for agricultural water pump is a centrifugal pump, the next few years, agricultural pump industry output growth of up to 12%.
  In the integration of the industry represent the general trend in
  In: agricultural pump industry enters a doorsill low, the current industry scale reached billion yuan of business less than 30, the scale reached 300000000 Yuan more than the enterprise is can be counted on one''''s fingers. Most enterprises because of the lack of research and development capabilities, mainly rely on procurement general assembly together, poor reliability, low work efficiency, short service life, the production of high energy consumption, environmental protection is not up to the standard.
  In: because of our country''''s rural region is vast and farmer to price sensitivity, there is a natural disadvantage foreign brands to enter the domestic agricultural pumps market, high prices and sales channels can only reach the large and medium-sized city, therefore, agricultural pump more than 99% of the market occupied for domestic manufacturers. The domestic agricultural pump a few powerful have extensive sales channels, has a good reputation and pricing power in the rural market.
  In in in recent years with the increase of farmers'''' income and the purchase of used to update the concept, the user has from the pure price has been gradually shifted to the pursuit of product brand, function, efficiency, service life, reliability of a full range of. Especially the implementation of the policy of agricultural subsidies, the large-scale backbone enterprises a number of standardized management, attention to product quality products to occupy more market share, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and family workshops enterprises face the fate of being eliminated, industry consolidation has opened the prelude.
  In the development of the route one must take in brand management
  In: agricultural pump industry affected by fluctuations in the price of raw material has great influence, especially in recent years the human costs continue to increase, many enterprises in the industry in technology development strength, production and processing capacity is limited, sales ability is insufficient, the brand management will be the development of the route one must take agricultural pump industry.
  In: it is understood, at present most of the domestic agricultural pump industry has its own independent brand, but the lack of marketing ability, brand awareness is not strong, the majority of enterprises mainly rely on the loose type of sales mode of marketing, sales are not many channels, sales staff shortage, the overall quality is not high, the sales network of radiation ability is not strong, brand visibility is not high. In foreign markets, most agricultural pump enterprises adopt OEM/ODM mode of operation, through foreign trade companies, trade, foreign operators, distributors around the world marketing, although there are certain competitiveness in developing markets, also occupy no small share of the export market, but its brand influence almost no, most of the profits are divided among channels business, foreign brands.